Top For Us True Riders

Our new motto is a powerful manifesto of all riders for whom riding is more than just a sport and a hobby - it's a lifestyle. For those who, regardless of where they are and what they do always identify with horse riding, which is a part of their lives. Our top is dedicated to all the riders who are fearless and perseverance in achieving goals, not afraid of challenges or hard work. Those for whom a stable is second home.

Light tops For US True Riders have been designed for a comfortable ride during hot summer days. If you spend a part of your holiday out of the stable, remember that you can also express your lifestyle and philosophy in any other place!

– Comfortable, light material made from organic cotton provides comfort during hot days

– Thanks to its lively and fashionable colours it looks fabulous in combination with breeches and shorts

– Wide straps and delicate structure of the material makes the top do not oppresses while riding

– Printing made with long lasting method - screen printing technique - you can wash the tops frequently and not fear that the printing will wash off 

Organic cotton tops dries faster than regular t-shirts - you can wash them by hand which is very comfortable during the hot days and be sure that the next day it will be ready for another trip to the stable ;)


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