Not just a rider burgundy fleece

Who said that a fleece is dull and uncomfortable? Our “Not just a Rider” collection dispel that myth.

We made our burgundy model of the flees thinking of all those who want to look elegant but meanwhile they like minimalism and they want to be feel comfortable ;)

The embroidered motto will fill you and your wardrobe with positive energy and motivate you in the time of the crisis.


- Smooth, unitary flees without any embellishments or contrast for riders who prefer minimalism – not overly branded or over-styled.

- Grammage 320 g/m2 – challenged the colder days ;)

- The flees absorbs perfectly sweat and is warm and comfortable in usage.

- Tall collar and underside rounded off with waistband in order to keep cold where it belongs – outside!

- Zip-up pockets for horse goodies and… tissues for sneezing.

- Special structure of the fleece make the material not adhesive – usually the dust and other dirt stick to fleece but not to ours!!!

- Specially rubbed- down material extends life of our flees and prevents it from pulling out.

=-High quality of anti-pilling polar fleece - you don’t need to worry that after a few washings your fleece will pill

Fabric: 100% polyester

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