True Rider Black & Gold Vest

85 €

There are things that, thanks to the appropriate cut and selection of accessories, change from a regular riding vest to your favourite. The Black & Gold vest is a combination of elegant black with gold detailing that adds a touch of extravagance to equestrian fashion. It is also our new collection from the Black & Gold series which you can complete with leggings, a saddle pad and fly veil;)

The whole snag is in a perfect combination of two interesting colours, and the devil is in the details. The result - a classic, but very expressive and elegant riding vest. Without unnecessary pomp, however, it does not remain indifferent to curious looks;)

- Made with attention  to every detail at the finish such as the decorative, contrasting golden element at the zippers and the brocade pipping on the hood - makes it one of a kind.

- While wearing the vest, you can show every version of your equestrian "me" - from elegant and formal tailcoat to laid-back equestrian leggings or breeches for daily training. An essential for your modern Equestrian wardrobe!

- 250 gsm vest thickness filled with down imitation – makes it perfect for wearing in every season. In winter, to wear with thin jacket, in the autumn with a thicker sweatshirt, and in the warmer spring days with a standard sweatshirts.

- Figure shaped, made of glossy material - one of few vests that, despite its thickness, does not make you look like a sack in it!

- Fitted which emphasizes the feminine silhouette and does not create the effect of baubles.

- An elegantly shaped hood with gold embroidery -and details which we especially care about - are you upset by the hoods that you put on and look weird in them because they stick out? We hate it, that's why our hood has been designed to fit perfectly on the head and elegantly lay on the vest.

- Quilting stitching with double seams - during frequent use and washing will not wipe, and will keep the vest in perfect condition to be used for many seasons.

- Appropriate cut – doesn’t restrict movement! You can easily get on and off in it, as well as perform all activities in the stable.

- Zippered pockets, of course - you can put everything that matters most - horse treats and gloves;)

- Stylish, practical and comfortable to ride in.

- Perfect for anyone who likes when his outfit forms a harmonious whole. You can create whole sets by adding, among others: sweatshirt, sweatpants, summer leggings, Base Layer, cap, saddle pad and fly veil.

Quilting: 100% polyester, 100% polyamide filling

100% Made in Poland

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