Black & Gold Sweatpants

59 €

In the entire Black & Gold collection, we stick to a simple rule - no matter what we wear, we like to look neat and elegant, but at the same time refer to our sporting character. That is why - in theory, the simplest sweatpants - we have equipped with slimming side stripes and ankles highlighting the ankle.

Each of us values ​​comfort in the stable, as well as outside it. When we stop for a moment to make buckets for a horse or just check what's up with our four-legged friend, we want to feel comfortable.

- Created not only for riders who travel a lot and like to feel comfortable at the same time but also for our family and friends who always accompany us during the competition as a groom or fan;)

- A wide stripe along the leg optically slims and extends the legs. In addition, it is an interesting, eye-catching accent.

- They can be combined with any element of our Black & Gold collection and still have 100% confidence that everything fits together perfectly! The whole collection is a combination of elegant black with golden accessories that add a touch of extravagance to equestrian fashion.

- Flexible material finished with a wide rubber strap - it emphasizes feminine shapes very nicely, just in time for the summer weather.

- Legs finished with a strong, elastic welt, which does not tighten, but nicely emphasizes the ankles and facilitates putting on pants.

- The material of the pants is enriched with elastane, thanks to which it adapts more to the body and does not restrict movement while riding. Elastane fibers also make it great for frequent use and washing, which will please those who do not part with our products even a step :)

- A matching Black & Gold sweatshirt is available to suit the set, for anyone who would like to wear True Rider from head to toe;)

- Perfect for anyone who likes when his outfit forms a harmonious whole. You can create whole sets by adding, among others: sweatshirt, summer leggings, Base Layer, vest, cap saddle pad and Fly veil.

- Contrast cotton string - adds charm and allows you to tie your pants if needed

- Pants also available in Indigo.

93% Cotton 8% elastane

100% made in Poland

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