Sweatshirt Rainy Days vol.2 men

58 €

Finally to our True Rider’s offer joined a men's collection of our most popular model! 

For all the boys and men who like to stand out from the crowd, and at the same time appreciate the quality and comfort of riding clothing. 

If horseback riding is a way for you to take a break from everyday life and if You choose it instead of football match- our sweatshirt will give you even more determination during bad weather.

The rumour has it that it draws a lot of riding girls’ attention ;)  

4 different colours – you have wide choice between what’s classical and stylish

- 300g/m2  grammage – you can’t get thicker than that ;) That’ s why it’s perfect for colder days

 -  OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate – the materials which we used to produce our apparel are skin friendly. They are delicate and won’t cause any itching or allergy  

- Long and strong sleeve cuffings – you can wash your sweatshirt as much as you like and your sleeves will always stay long and will warm your hands. If you want you can always fold them

- Personalised, galvanized zip  with TR symbol – it won’t moped and our logo is visible for a distance

- Zipped pockets – if your horse decide to have some fun you will not lose your mobile, sweats or gloves ;)  

- Contrasted application with nice edging – you can boast around that you belong to True Rider and at the same time you just look great :D

- Our sweatshirt is for everyone who loves to wear sports clothes from stable to city – thanks to our smallest attention to details and fashionable colours you don’t have to worry that your sporty outfit is not suitable outside the stable 

80% cotton 20% polyester

100%  made in Poland


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