True Rider D.Art Sweatshirt

62 €

Everyone needs a little spark and extravagance in their closet. True Rider Glossy is the spring/ summer necessity of your wardrobe.

Proof that a sports sweatshirt can also be elegant and catch the jealous glances of others. :)

Light, comfortable- perfect for stable and everyday wear. Regardless of where you are- you can show your passion to everyone :)  Limited edition!

Unique dotty horse decorated with single, delicate jets – thanks to cooperation with one of our creative artists Dariusz Art you can wear this exceptional piece of art on your back

The front and both arms decorated with shiny sequins - we checked the durability of the sequins for an equal year, we wore them under jackets, vests, in various weather conditions, we washed many times – not even one sequin has been busted!

Bottom of  finished with additional material insert- thanks to that the sweatshirt fits even better, does not roll up and gives feminine shapes.

Pockets zippered - in the end you need to put somewhere goodies for your horse :)

80% cotton 20% polyester

100% made in Poland

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