True Rider's Bracelet

55 € 45 €

We like to stand out from other brands :). We also like to show our lifestyle  and passion everywhere. So we came up with  the idea of beautiful, silver bracelets made by a professional jewelry company. Perfect for everyday wear :)

- Bracelet made of silver in colours: silver, yellow gold or pink (all of them from Stirling Silver)

- High quality of Stirling Silver ensure long lasting even after washing 

-  Engraved with Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle motto

- High quality hand braided string in the most fashionable colours of the season

- A pendant made in the form of a well-known True Rider’s horse

- Size adjustable with a fashionable clip with the logo of a jewelry company filled with black enamel and on the other side with the TR’s engraver

- Packed in a black suede pouch, a box and a bag tied with a pink ribbon :) - you don’t have to worry about packing the bracelet as a gift :)

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