Thermo Golf Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle.

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The latest model of our bestseller, which will definitely keep you warm this winter!

Thermo Golf Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle. is a tribute to our fans who love Thermo golf for its functionality & versatility and prefer slightly more toned colors. We have heard from our True Riders that it is suitable to wear not only for training, but also for work! :)

When creating this model, we’ve decided to create a combination of your favorite colors. We've put together classic black and deep navy blue with an elegant Rose Gold color - this time without glitter. Thermo Golf Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle. will make a perfect set with our winter leggings and warm vests or as an additional layer under a Winter Season Hoodie.

This comfortable thermal golf transforms the body's natural thermal energy into deep infrared rays. When moving, it gives them back to the skin, which creates a feeling of deep but delicate warmth. Perfect for not only for True Riders but also for freezing moms waiting for their kids: P

- We placed our motto: Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle at the back. Not only for a great visual effect... The inscription along the spine is intended as an auxiliary function for the trainer who checks whether we are sitting straight and not bending. A great help during daily training.

- Slim fit provides comfort while wearing. It does not restrict your movements, but ensures proper muscle tension.

- We’ve added a contrasting True Rider print in elegant, metallic Rose Gold color along the zipper

- Made of lightweight, breathable materials - it feels like a second skin! Made of soft, elastic knit fabric that’s very pleasant in touch.

- Higher collar will protect you from the wind. You do not need to wear a scarf, which can often disturb you while riding or in stable activities ;)

- The unique material, from which this thermo golf was made, maintains optimal body temperature. It protects from cold and from overheating the body at the same time. It stimulates the body's circulation and additionally supports muscle regeneration after intense physical training.

- Antibacterial material inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors & is antistatic 

- Quick-drying material with optimal air circulation - it will allow you to stay dry even during intense workouts.

100% Made in Poland

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