Black & Gold Sweatshirt

69 €

Another edition of our Black & Gold collection!

It's one of those simply perfect collections that you can't take your eyes off of. The whole snag is about the perfect combination of two interesting colors, and the devil is in the details. The result - like a classic, yet very expressive set that adds the extravagance of equestrian fashion. Not forgetting about all riding functionalities: D

Black & Gold sweatshirt can be combined with any element from our Black & Gold collection and you can still be 100% sure that everything fits together perfectly! Something for horse trainers :)

- Lightweight cotton jacket without lining - just in time for the undecided spring and summer.

- Available in Black or Blue Indigo

- The material of the sweatshirt is enriched with elastane, thanks to which it adapts more to the body and does not restrict movement while riding. Elastane fibers also make it great at frequent use and washing, which will please those who do not part with our sweatshirts even a step :)

- The wide stripe on the shoulders and hood gives a completely new character to the sweatshirt, which from a regular riding sweatshirt becomes a more elegant accessory in the stable, but also every day.

- Delicate embroidery on the left chest of Born to Ride - additionally motivates us to ride regularly and reminds us of what is most important in the life of each True Rider;)

-Pockets, of course, zippered - you can put everything that matters most - horse treats and gloves;)

- Matched sweatpants are available, which together form an unearthly set;)

- Perfect for anyone who likes when his outfit forms a harmonious whole. You can create whole sets by adding, among others: sweatpants, summer leggings, Base Layer, vest, cap, saddle pad and fly veil.

93 Cotton 8% elastane

100% made in Poland

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