True Rider Black & Gold Saddle Pad

90 €

The saddle is the place where the adventure begins ...from the moment we seat in, everything can happen;) For those who would like to have a bit of True Rider on their journey, we designed classic and comfortable saddle pads. True Rider Black & Gold is a fusion of the classic black with a bit of royal gold. For all lovers of classical projects - without unnecessary pomp, but with the highest quality and this extra something that catches everybody’s eye!

- Perfect for anyone who likes when his outfit forms a harmonious whole. You can create whole sets by adding, among others: sweatshirt, sweatpants, summer leggings, Base Layer, vest, cap and Fly veil.

- The special material structure provides high durability and resistance to heavy use during training, regardless of the weather conditions;)

- High breathability materials - with intensive training it is important for the saddle pad to absorb and enable to evaporate the sweat. This ensures your horse higher level of comfort

- After wetting or washing, your saddle pad quickly dries and retains to its previous form - you do not have to worry that frequent washing will induce winding up to the wrong side

- The Bottom is made of dark material and special absorbent sponge - super quick dry’ function will keep your horses dry during your work out.

- Decorated with our mandatory TR embroidery and contrasting colored pippings, furthermore reinforced with matching binding

- Fastening straps - you can comfortably attach them to the saddle

- Jumping and dressage models - everyone will find something for themselves :)

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