Cordia "Feel the Rhytm" Sweatshirt

62 €

The series "Feel the ..." refers to the basics of knowledge of each True Rider. The rhythm is the basis of the training scale, the dressage foundation, but also the work with jumping horses. There is nothing without rhythm ... nothing: P. Wearing our new collection, we want you to remember and constantly improve your riding skills regardless of your level of training.

- One of the most feminine sweatshirts in our collection - yes, she likes sport, but also feminine elegance and trips to the city
- Available in three spring-summer colors: mint, pink and classic navy blue

- There is also a version of a sweatshirt with the inscription "Feel the distance", which is perfect for all jumpers and not only;) so as to best reflect the character of the owner

- Wonders from a string - a special type of embroidery using a string creates a unique variation of True Rider embroidery in the 3D effect

- Dreamlike hood - not only a contrasting, spring-summer hood, but also a delicate lace at the hood that adds irresistible charm

- Two large zippered pockets, perfect to hold the phone, keys and the most important things, ie the taste: D

- Sweatshirt is characterized by a classic cut and slightly fitted waistline.

  - It has high quality ribbings, thanks to which they will not be washed or pulled out during washing or using.


80% cotton 20% polyester

100% made in Poland

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