Dream It sweatshirt

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We dream about what we would like to achieve, who to be, what medals to win. It is important to dream, but even more important to take the first step which will bring us closer to the goal. Remember that only YOU can make your dreams come true. Nobody will do it for you!

Some of our True Riders are athletes who gain top positions every day. But True Riders are also small girls who dream of a sporting career, adults who dream of going gallop in the forest or beach. Each of us has a different dream. Is it learning to rider every day better, getting higher and higher fences or new dressage elements.

That's why we've created a sweatshirt with the slogan Dream it, Wish it, Do it - every time you doubt in yourself we will motivate you to act and remind you that True Rider never gives up but stubbornly pursues the goal. Both in riding and every other aspect of your life;)

- A new model with a high collar - 2 in one! We know how annoying scarves can be, so in the new model, you can see a very high collar which will protect you against cold air during trips to the forest or training.

 - 4 different colors - to the classic two joined Your favorite Sahara and interesting Citadel

- Weight 300g/m2 - one of the thickest weights found in sweatshirts making it perfect for colder days and winter 

- Elastic sleeves finished with a double reinforced cuff, which has a hole for the thumb - the perfect solution for all chilli riders

- Extremely elegant and eye-catching applications on the front of the sweatshirt - in addition to 3D embroidery, made of shiny crystals (you have nothing to fear, our proven technology prevents the crystals from falling off)

- Collar finished with an elegant monogram TR - be sure to notice how smart the sweatshirt looks like even when you wear a vest. And you can immediately see what philosophy you identify with

- Charming silver TR badge - breaking sporty sweatshirts soft plaque, which gives an elegant appearance

- A large zippered pocket - during hacking or exercising you don't have to worry that you will lose your horse candy or cell;)

- The sweatshirt is perfect for anyone who likes to walk outside the stable in sports clothing - thanks to our attention to detail and the fashionable colors this autumn, you do not have to worry about not showing up in a sports outfit.

80% cotton 20% polyester

100% made in Poland

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