Ecological bags I am True Equestrian

8.50 €

Ecological bags from True Rider and E-questrianart literally for every occasion and suitable from stable to city! Which rider doesn’t like accessories, especially those which combine comfort, usefulness and interesting design?! Finally a problem with grocery shopping with embarrassing, ugly plastic bag is overcome! You will also finally have a right place to put your clothes which you use for changing after work in the stable ;)

- Easy in maintenance and of course washable – we know that bags like that are quickly getting dirty (especialy in the stable) therefore special material allows for often washings

- Handy bag with a lot of space – you will pack all the most important staff

- Universal – finally a horsey bag which you can us both in the stable and take it to the city

It goes nicely with our T-shirt I am True Equestria collection – you can make a perfect match for yourself which will even more underline your lifestyle and philosophy

- Perfect birhday gift

- 100% organic cotton

- 100% made in Poland

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