Ecological bags I am True Equestrian

8.50 €

Ecological bags from True Rider and Equestrian art literally for every occasion and suitable from stable to city! Which rider doesn’t like accessories, especially those which combine comfort, usefulness and interesting design?! Finally, a problem with grocery shopping with embarrassing, ugly plastic bags is overcome! You will also finally have the right place to put your clothes which you use for changing after work in the stable ;)

- Easy in maintenance and of course washable – we know that bags like that are quickly getting dirty (especially in the stable) therefore special material allows for often washings

- Handy bag with a lot of space – you will pack all the most important staff

- Universal – finally a horsey bag which you can use both in the stable and take it to the city

It goes nicely with our T-shirt I am True Equestria collection – you can make a perfect match for yourself which will, even more, underline your lifestyle and philosophy

- Perfect birthday gift

- 100% organic cotton

- 100% made in Poland

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