Freestyle Jumper T-shirt KIDS

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What would a new season be without a new True Rider t-shirt? Especially if it is for real show jumpers lovers :D This year, in a really limited amount, we are really giving you a True Rider Freestyle Jumper T-shirt!

It is a t-shirt that combines a casual look with a mandatory riding motif. Designed for all riding girls, who, regardless of the circumstances, always want to have a part of their passion with them.

- Made of organic cotton - soft, non-allergenic material that is breathable which provides air access to the skin and works great during hot workouts.

- Those T-shirts are soooo  versatile - you can wear them from stable to city. Looking for a riding t-shirt for yourself, check what kind of cotton it is made of. Our are sewn exclusively from organic cotton. The special structure of the fibers regulates body temperature by absorbing moisture much better than ordinary cotton :) for a hot summer, there is no better solution <3

- Freestyle Jumper inscription - great for both stable and vacation, or during a trip to the city.

- Print made with a special method  - we cooperate with the best printing company in Poland, which prints for the most luxurious brands. A special undercoat prevents cracking and printing.

- Natural knitted fibers - shades of colors do not vanish even after many washes.

- Pastel and fashionable colors are for riders of all ages and never out of fashion. No other colors give such freedom in mixing and combining the colors from your wardrobe. In combination with dark breeches, they provide a perfect contrast and emphasize a more elegant style.

100% Organic Cotton
100% Made in Poland

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