High Patch Jacket

62 €

There is apparel that changes from a regular sweatshirt to an elegant, sporty jacket. The secret is in the cut and the details ;) High Patch definitely fits the words "sports elegance". We have here a shorter cut, strong side cut, minimalist embroidery and a remarkable high collar, which is irreplaceable during the autumn weather.

High Patch is created to accompany you during autumn rides or trips to your favorite coffee shop with a friend.

You choose how you want to wear it. If you zip it to the top in creates a high collar and protects you from the wind. You can wear the zipper lower which adds subtle modern touches to elevate your style in and out of the ring.

3 different colors from the Top Trends according to Pantone - typically autumn shades of beige, light navy blue and shade of red. It perfectly fits into autumn top colors.

A large decorative zipper hung on a contrasting, wide castle - we take care of every detail that entirely gives an unusual look.

- Contrasting colored elbow patches make the High Patch stand out in your wardrobe.

Minimalist embroidery - delicate True Rider embroidery on the chest and "Sport.Philosophy.Lifestyle" on pockets made of metallic, silver thread. Hits the heart of every minimalist, and at the same time, philosophy of our brand.

Large, zippered pockets - treats for your mount and your gloves will be safe;)

Perfect for anyone who loves to wear sportswear with a touch of elegance also outside the stable - thanks to our attention to detail and fashionable colors this fall, you no longer have to worry about showing yourself in a sports outfit.

80% cotton 20% polyester

100% made in Poland

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