Huge Hangover Sherpa Sweatshirt

68 €

What makes our clothing so popular? The fact that it is true :D The sweatshirts with the printing: Huge Hangover not for True Rider tells the true story of the majority of riders :D On the one hand, they are comfortable and warm, on the other hand, the printing strikes at the heart ;) 

That is why the sweatshrits became the hit of Cavaliada international horse show in Poznań in 2014 ; ) They are worn not only by the jumpers, but also other equestrians who appreciate our sense of humour :D

-Navy or gray zipped sweatshirt with pockets for horse goodies and warm gloves
-Hood and body with the cute Sherpa side thanks to which you won’t get frozen ;)
-True-life printig made with long-lasting method so you don’t have to worry that it will wash off
-Visible recognizable embroidery with True Rider badge on the breast
-Underside and cuffs rounded off with high-quality elastic waistband, so it will serve you longer than one season
-Sweatshirt convenient in usage – machine washable in 30°C

Fabric: 80% cotton 20% polyester