Look Good Rider Better Blouse

62 €

Look Good Ride Better - a motto close to our values and philosophy. 
The main idea behind this collection is to promote elegant riding, without forgetting about its roots - the way we dressed is important but we can't forget that, after all, it's all about passion for horse riding. In the end of the day this is what counts.

Look Good Rider Better sweater
is an inconspicuous combination of riding passion and fashion at a higher level. Top-quality material, remarkable embroideries, subtle neckline accessories such as buttons carefully selected during the international fashion fair from Paris manufacture. We know that we are not able to capture it in words or in pictures, but we are thankful that our True Riders appreciate all the details.

- A perfect combination of everything we love in autumn collections. Soft and warm material with elastane which keeps us warm and gives 100% comfort

- You can wear it as a Basic Top. They fit perfectly under the vest. It is not too thick, so you do not risk overheating, but the long sleeve absolutely meets the requirements of cold weather and will repel wind attacks: P

- Feminine neckline while maintaining a decent framework. Slightly cut which perfectly emphasizes women body but not showing too much. 

- We like to be eco and promote Slow Fashion. Buttons ordered in a Parisian workshop from the coconut trees' leftovers - in True Rider nothing is wasted.

- Plum, typically autumn color. If you like matchy sets you can be sure you will find a lot to pick to it. 

- White ideal for competitions, vet inspections, elegant training or meeting in the city with friends.

- Classic navy- well navy goes with everything! :)

- Brave magenta - used with beige embroideries grabs a lot of attention

- Embroidery Look good, Ride better on sleeves made of double contrasting threads adds an elegant and unique look

- A wonderful emblem on the shoulder has most of the equestrian attributes, including stirrup, boots and flos.

-All dyes and substances used to finish the fabric are in accordance with OEKOtex® Standard 100

- Produced and sewed in Poland

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