PrimaLoft® insulation - how does it work?

Each of us has experienced a winter evening in the stables, during which we were either cold or, what is worse, we were soaked by snow and rain, what has sometimes resulted in a cold. It ended with pneumonia for me. That's why, since I’ve started True Rider, I've been looking for ways to create the perfect jacket for riders. It took me 3 years to finally present it with pride. But let’s start from the beginning...

The biggest challenge, as a manufacturer of equestrian clothing, was to create a jacket that would be warm, but without the need to add thick layers of materials that would make the jacket bulky and hence, restrict the movement while riding. We started looking for the perfect padding for jackets. Something that would be a combination of a rain jacket (which would provide insulation against rain) and a winter jacket (which would keep us warm but wold 'b be too thick). Our research has taken us to the USA, where we found PrimaLoft® filling, which is beneficial for all allergy sufferers and for rider who cannot stand cold.

Although there is lot of synthetic insulation materials available on the market, none of them can stand up to the PrimaLoft® filling, which has been a global leader in its field for several years. The insulation is used by the largest sports brands in the world, such as Patagonia, Nordica, Roeckl, The North Face, Nike and many others.

What is PrimaLoft® and how does it work?

PrimaLoft is nothing but 100% polyester. Thanks to the unique structure with a large number of micro-cracks, it is able to keep the air inside, which effectively isolates us from unfavourable external conditions. Their advantage is related to the characteristics of the fibres which, with a very small cross-section, are able to generate high surface tension. Thanks to this, the water is "pushed out" and does not soak into the insulation itself, which in turn protects us from getting wet.

What does this mean for us?

Insulation reduces heat loss by inhibiting the transfer of heat from the body and inside of the jacket to the cold environment. So despite the fact that the jacket is thin (compared to other winter ones), it will provide us with more warmth and, above all, will not get soaked! The feeling of warmth and dry clothing underneath will certainly improve the comfort of our training and hacking in the woods.

The construction of PrimaLoft® fibres also plays a key role. Despite the fact that they are very thin, they are able to provide excellent insulation. The jacket is very light and compressible. Therefore, it does not restrict movement while riding and there is no thick layer effect either.

Take a look at a short video in which you will see a short test on how PrimaLoft® insulation keeps the warmth.

How do PrimaLoft® synthetics compare to natural down?

The biggest advantage of PrimaLoft is that, in comparison to the natural down, it is waterproof. You can be sure that even in heavy rainfall, our jacket will keep you dry. You can watch a short video of how our insulation works with water. We have done this test ourselves and we can confirm that it is 100% waterproof!

In addition, PrimaLoft® has windproof insulation. Its advantage is a pleasant softness, its antiallergic and antiseptic properties, which protect against the development of harmful bacteria and fungus. 

Interesting facts about PrimaLoft®:

  • It is the result of cooperation between the US Department of Defense and Albany International Corporation, which initially created it for soldiers and named it the "artificial down"
  • Used by over 500 brands worldwide, including North Face, Patagonia, Hugo Boss, or Ralph Lauren
  • It perfectly retains body heat and it is thin, which for us, riders has a huge impact when riding and grooming ou horse
  • Unlike down, it is waterproof
  • Excellent heat-to-weight ratio

In conclusion, if you are annoyed by thick layers of clothing, and in winter you avoid jackets because they restrict your movements, it is definitely worth considering buying a jacket with PrimaLoft® filling. It is certainly not the cheapest, but you can be sure that it will serve you for many seasons and thanks to its windproof and waterproof properties it is very universal. What is best, you can wash it normally in the washing machine without fear that it will lose its properties!

Check out our Performance PrimaLoft® Jacket collection.

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