What is so special about our Softshell?

I remember my trainings back in 2002. At that time, the indoor area was a rarity and only few stables had it. So, as a True Rider, the entire fall and winter season I was riding outside. Wind, rain and frost accompanied us most of the time. The rules of proper clothing were simple and the colloquial saying "dress in layers" didn't surprise anyone. I used to wear three separate layers - thermoactive underwear, a thicker layer such as a sweatshirt, sweater and an outer layer like a windproof jacket. Now, most of us already have an indoor area to ride, but in the colder months, the question is what to wear in order not to freeze but also not to sweat... And from exactly those needs - after a year of testing and looking for suitable materials, our "pearl" for this season was created - Softshell True Rider Black & Gold and Rose Gold.

How exactly is our softshell different from others?

To answer this question, we need to refer to the history of the invention of this material. It should be remembered that it was invented for mountain climbing. Therefore, the priority was to obtain material that will consist of two parts:

  • outer side: made of highly elastic material that acts as a barrier to the wind;
  • inside: made of soft fleece insulation.

The inventors of this patent changed their priorities a bit, focusing on wind protection and breathability. Water resistance and thermal insulation have been faded into the background. Hence, our softshell jacket is complemented by a selectively applied membrane. This seemingly minor difference is an expression of a compromise that derives from both solutions. Here we have two layers joined together: outer and inner (as in the "classic" version), and - additionally - a membrane between them, thanks to which our softshell:

  •  Guarantees even better protection against the wind
  •  Provides more effective protection against rain

However, to provide our jacket with a bit more breathability, we decided to use hybrid solutions. Note that the front of our softshell is made of quilted, lighter material, and the softshell material with a membrane has been used in areas that are more exposed to adverse weather conditions, such as the hood and shoulders.

What is our Softshell True Rider Black & Gold and Rose Gold made of?

The technology used in the production of our softshell is called a three-layer technology.

Three-layered basic material consists of:

1. Lining 100% polypropylene - Prolen Siltex

Prolen Siltex is a yarn modified by an antibacterial additive on the basis of silver ions which inhibit the growth of bacteria, moulds and fungi. Silver ions reduce unpleasant smells, keep a biological balance of the skin and provide hygiene and freshness for a whole day. The insertion of an antibacterial additive into the fibre core, nit its Surface, makes the additive degradation-resistant. Despite numerous laundry cycles, the additive remains in the garments

2. Polyurethane membrane

Guarantees an appropriate water resistance due to high vapour-permeability (Ret<4).

3. Knitted outer fabric

92% Polyamide, 8% Lycra: elastic, of high resistance to peeling.

Why did we choose a softshell jacket in the True Rider?

Because, thanks to its properties, it will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor riding. Most of us also do not give up field trips regardless of the season. We wanted to create a comfortable item of clothing to ride outdoors, regardless of the season. We want to make your horse riding in autumn and winter more pleasant by using modern technologies in our clothing. And our softshell guarantees comfort and convenience in all weather conditions. In addition, it is flexible enough that it will not restrict movement in the saddle (tested by both the show jumper and the dressage rider).

Are True Rider Black & Gold and Rose Gold softshells only suitable for horse riding?

Absolutely not! Our Black & Gold and Rose Gold softshells will be perfect for mountain trips, cycling, skiing and many other activities! Softshell was created for active riders who are fed up with wearing a scarf, hence the 3 main assumptions of the fabric from which it is made: breathability, resistance to wind and rain.

What season of the year is our softshell suitable for?

You can definitely use it for most of the year. In spring, when the weather can surprise us, in autumn, when rains and windy days begin, and especially in winter, when we lose heat quickly.

Why is it worth choosing our softshell?

In addition to the advantages mentioned earlier, don't forget that in the end this is a project created by riders with riders in mind :D

  • Specially shaped, elegant hood, which you can always detach.
  • Stronger zipper than in classic jackets.
  • Deep pockets that will hold horse treats and gloves.
  • Flexible material that does not restrict movement.

To sum up, if you are annoyed by thick layers of clothing, and in the autumn and winter period you avoid dressing up like an onion, because the number of layers restricts your movements, it is definitely worth considering buying our softshell. You can be sure that it will serve you well for many seasons, and thanks to its windproof and waterproof properties, it is very versatile, regardless of the season, wheather it's a spring ride in the forrest or autumn trip to the mountains.

In heavy rainfall and strong winds, nothing can do as well as our softshell.

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