True Rider Show Shirt KIDS

49 €

True Rider for KIDS

Why should our youngest horse riding enthusiasts be harmed and have a limited offer and access to professional clothing tailored to their needs? The latest technologies, well-matched sizes, beautiful colors and also in the KIDS collection: D

Equestrianism, especially high-performance is not only polished shoes, a freshly washed horse mixed with shiny preparations and flawless clothing. Behind the scenes it looks a bit different;) It's also literally tears and ... sweat :) We want our True Riders not only to look elegant and stand out from the crowd, but have 100% comfort. That's why our collection of Lifestyle competition t-shirts was created using special materials that fulfill their task;) Even in the most stressful moments during the competition;)

- 3 color variants - everyone will find their favorite color

- Flexible material thanks to which the shirt adapts to your shapes, but also gives you great comfort and freedom while riding. You do not have to worry that, for example, during the jumps of the sleeves you will weigh into your arm;)

- For production, we used patented Coolmax materials, which are used by the best sports companies - the structure of the material means that sweat is quickly collected from the skin surface and distributed over a large area. Be sure to watch the video how it works!

- A combination of elegance and functionality - Coolmax Air Technology means that after sweating, the T-shirt dries quickly without leaving spots under the armpits!

- The use of modern fibers - they do not decompose under the influence of UV radiation (in the sun) and thus do not emit unpleasant odors

- In the white model we have added a small mesh - even more air circulation and greater comfort

- Finished with contrast lining, including horseshoes, fortunately: D - adds femininity and elegance

- Fastened with elegant, but tightly sewn buttons - with frequent wearing, you don't have to be afraid they will fall off

- On the left chest side there is a subtle TR trademark - which woman does not love delicate tinsel :)

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