Sparkle fly veil Chocolote

42 €

In our latest Sparkle collection, we focused on what riders like the most. A bit of sparkle and elegance. However, the comfort of your horse is equally important to us. Sparkle fly veil is for sensitive horses who do not like any insects or any noise. Elegant cut and finish will make them not only effective in protection for the ears, but also a beautiful addition. Perfectly matched to our new saddle pad and rug creates a one-of-a-kind elegant set.

Chocolate color perfectly suits chestnuts, gray and even bay horses. The beautiful combination of two tones of brown, broken with beige piping gives a beautiful and elegant effect.

- A lovely badge with an engraved logo that is on a piece of satin subtly catches the eye and draws attention

- With an elegant shape of the ear - very insisted on a slightly different, more angular and less in "V" shape so they stand out from other brands and give a more esthetic effect

- True Rider embroidered inscription on the left ear

- Satin finish on the ears adds even more luxury and prestige to ear muffs for all those who appreciate elegance not only at competitions but also during everyday workouts

- Hand knitted made of the highest quality cotton yarn

- Decorated with a string, which emphasizes their color and shape and makes them nicely arranged on the horse's head

- Anatomical shape provides more comfort for the horse

100% Cotton

100% Made in Poland

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