Sparkle Saddle Pad Burgundy

90 €

In our latest limited Sparkle collection, we focused on what most riders like the most. A bit of flash and elegance. The most important for us, however, are the quality and accuracy of performance and the comfort of your mount. Sparkle saddle pad will be great during competitions as well as during training at home.

Our deep burgundy color Sparkle fits well with dark-colored horses and chestnuts. It is said that burgundy characterized people who seek adventures, are curious about the world and people who are eager for new things. We hope that Burgundy Sparkle will accompany you in various horse adventures.

- On the right side of the Sparkle saddle pad silver badge with an engraved logo that adds an elegant look to the saddle pad and matches to the Sparkle fly veil collection creating the perfect set

- On the left side, a glittering, striking TR monogram on a strong satin, which refers to the Sparkle rugs collection, creating an elegant set

- Quick-dried, antifungal and antimicrobial material on the inside to efficiently wick away moisture and keep the saddle pad fresh

- The special structure of the material ensures high durability and resistance to strong exploitation during training regardless of weather conditions

- After soaking or washing, the saddle pads dry up quickly and retain their previous form - you do not have to worry about frequent washing being wobbled in the wrong direction

- Fastening straps - you can comfortably attach them to the saddle

100% made in Poland

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