Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle. Burgundy Saddle Pad

55 €

In the Sports. Philosophy. Lifestyle collection we focused on two colors: dark blue and intense burgundy. The most important for us, however, are the materials and details. Everything to ensure the greatest possible comfort for your horse.

- high breathability materials - with intensive training it is important for the saddle pad to absorb the sweat. This ensures your horse higher comfort.

-after wetting or washing, your saddle pad quickly dries and retains to its previous form - you do not have to worry that frequent washing will induce winding up to the wrong side

-the bottom is made of dark material and special absorbent sponge - super quick dry’ function will keep your horses dry during your work out

 -decorated with embroidery referring to the sweatshirt collection and on the other side with an elegant True Rider Team embroidery

-contrasting piping, which emphasizes the depth of color

-fastening straps - you can comfortably attach them to the saddle

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