Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle. KIDS sweatshirt

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True Rider for KIDS

We are pleased to FINALLY present something for our younger generation of True Rider. Selected collections, which are now available in sizes for younger <3 Apparently, we've perfectly selected the sizes and made sure that the sweatshirts, despite the smaller size, are elegantly fitted, not baggy;)

Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle is the fundamental collection of our brand. It consists of values ​​that only together create the True Rider because horse riding is not only a sport but also a philosophy that your lifestyle follows.

Higher collar
- the time has come when we put our scarves back in the wardrobe and enjoy the freedom. The sweatshirt has a special high collar that will protect our necks from the wind, thus replacing the uncomfortable scarf.

The TR application with jets in combination with pearl, matt buttons are a perfect combination.
It will certainly be appreciated by any younger Amazon who likes to shine from time to time in stable salons :)

The unique embroidery in the shape of our horse
- a combination of various embroidery techniques at the highest level with our flagship symbols.

280 gsm sweatshirt weight
- warm, thick sweatshirts lined with fleece.

Zipped pockets
- Perfect for winter gloves and treats :)

The sweatshirt has a classic pattern and a slightly fitted waist cut. It has high-quality cuffs, so they will not be washed or pulled out during washing or use.

The sweatshirt is recommended to be washed at 30 ° C

Composition: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

100% made in Poland

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