T-Shirt I am True Equestrian

32 €

Equestrian in one of the most difficult sports in the world. It's all about mutual partnership between a rider and a horse which like as can have physical limitations, bad day or just worst humor.

This means that while achieving our riding goals not everything goes as we would like to. For everyone equestrian can mean something else. However it all comes down to overcoming our weaknesses and boundaries. It doesn’t matter if our goal is to saddle a horse on our own, make a pirouette in canter or jump through 1.50 cm fence.

On every stage during our equestrian journey we encounter problems, which might seem to be invincible. Thanks to our determination, perseverance in achieving goals and biting the bullet we are finally becoming better riders, partners for our horses and even better people.

The most fabulous thing in wearing our t-shirt is that you can express everything what gives sense to your live in those few words: I AM TRUE EQUESTRIAN

-It express your lifestyle in one short sentence

- Our T-shirt is suitable from stable to city!

- Comfortable cutting which doesn’t limit your body moments during ride

- Even though T-shirt is fitted it is longer than a standard T-shirt – we hate when during washing our horse’s hooves we have uncovered back ;)

- Thanks to special material structure, especially on brighter colour your sweat after intensive training is not that much visible

- Incredibly soft and not alergical material which breathes naturally and provides your skin with access to air

- Colourfull printing visible from far distance made with long lasting method - screen printing technique – you have a guarantee that even after many washing it will not wash off

- 100% organic cotton – more info read here 

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