Thermo Golf Believe

49 €

This winter we will not let you freeze. Comfortable, thermal golf Believe changes the natural heat energy of our body into deep infrared rays. During movement, it gives them to the skin, which creates a feeling of deep, delicate warmth. Just in time for all riders or freezing mums waiting for their children: P

Where did the idea for this motto come from? It's one of those words that has thousands of meanings. Everyone interprets them differently, everyone thinking about it tells a different story. It is for a reason that we used it as a verb to believe. Our True Riders often emphasize that our horse riding motivates them to face new obstacles, and our clothing reminds them every day that dreams mean working on the road to meet them. Believe in yourself and get to work! Regardless of the weather: P

- The fitted cut ensures comfort and thermal comfort when worn. It doesn't restrict your movements but ensures proper muscle tone.

- Antibacterial material inhibits the formation of unpleasant odors, it doesn't electrify or stretch.

- Sewn from a soft, elastic and very pleasant to the touch fabric.

- Thanks to its properties, it is great both for training and everyday wear. Works best in winter and in the transition months.

- A higher collar will protect you from the wind. You also don't have to wear a scarf that can disturb you in riding and stable activities;)

- Zippered, along which we have added a decorative contrasting True Rider print. You can choose the Sparkle Rose and slightly more subdued Rose Gold options.

- Sleeve decorated with an elegant, non-controversial print - so that you never forget about one of the most important mottoes of every horse :)

- The unique features of the material from which the thermal riding jersey was made make it maintain optimal body temperature. It protects against both cold and overheating. It stimulates body circulation and additionally supports muscle regeneration after intense physical effort

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