True Rider City Ombre Jacket

84.90 € 50.94 €

We have always dreamed about a jacket in which we would will feel good bothin the stable and in the city.

Besides, we are True Riders so whether we are at work, school, meeting friends or on a holiday we want to identify with our hobby.

Remember that nothing says as much about who we really are as our passion.

True Rider Ombre is a feminine, minimalist collection that combines equestrian and lifestyle clothing. Our goal was to create a jacket which would be elegant, comfortable, and at the same time it would let you identify with horse riding :)

Quilted with strips in middle thickness – we abolish the myth that jacket is unnecessary item in the rider’s wardrobe.

Ideally suited for a capricious spring, where rainy days are not a rarity ;).

In dark blue and violet ombre - delicate shading from one tone of color to the other.

Outstanding color, which you can’t find in the other brands;)

The feminine cut - the jacket is fitted and cut in the way that despite the ride it does not create a "bauble effect".

Robust and dirt-resistant material - despite the jacket is elegant, it is perfect for stables.

It is easy to tear-up the material and if you drabble with water- quickly dries without leaving streaks and stains.

There is also no dust visible on it.

High stand-up collar - protects you from the wind.

Delicate, minimalist decorative elements - embroidery of our horse on the left side of the chest, left sleeve with decorative TR button, silver True Rider plate on the back of the collar.

100% poliester.

100% made in Poland.