True Rider City Ombre Winter Jacket

115.90 €

There aren’t many riders missing winter season. That also includes us :D But this year we are impatiently stomping with our feet: D Our first ever model of Winter Jacket it the one to be blamed. True Rider City Ombre Winter is definitely a unique combination of elegance and sporty style.

As usual we have put on a different from any other colours - a real gem among the available traditional colors. Charming fur, detachable hood and two-way zippers are the quintessence of versatility that will definitely delight True Riders who do not like to part with their equestrian image outside the stable.

- The feminine winter riding jacket True Rider Ombre has been cut to fit your silhouette without compromising your freedom of movement - whether on horseback or in pursuit of everyday duties. It is supposed to be elegant and functional.

- Graphite ombre - delicate and intriguing shading that will surely stand out from the crowd.

- Made of material that perfectly protects from rain and wind, while also providing breathability.

- High collar with detachable hood - uncomfortable scarf will remain only a memory of the past winter, and you will easily enjoy the freedom during winter training. You also have the choice and if the hood disturbs you while riding, you can always unclip it. Thanks to a special solution, after removing the hood the zipper remains invisible;)

- Hood with charming fur to illusion resembling real - we know that you like to look elegant, but according to our philosophy we are eco-friendly so here we come to compromise and we offer you very nice, but artificial fur <3 RESPECT <3

- Two-sided zippers - sitting on the horse you can unfasten the jacket from below

- Ecological, anti-allergy silicone insulation - we are not convinced of the fluff. 1. The cost of a jacket would be much higher. 2. There are still issues with the use of animal materials in production. In return, we choose a warm, unbreakable top quality.

- Sleeves with a welt - better insulation against wind

- The devil is in the details so we again put on the delicate decorative elements - subtle satin embroidery in the colour of the jacket on the back and our horse on the left chest, the TR zippers and the delicate silver plate True Rider.

100% polyester - 

linning 63% cotton 32% viscose 5% elastane 

insert 100% polyester

100% Made in Poland

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