True Rider Classical Saddle Pad White

65 €

True Rider are both athletes and amateurs. We support not only those who drive high competitions, but also those who are just starting their starts.

These are mainly people for whom "where" and "when" do not count. And what matters is the horse and saddle (or lack thereof;)). So the True Rider can be described in three short words: Sport. Philosophy. Lifestyle.

That's why we're going out to meet you with a new saddle pad in shades of white. Perfect for both competitions and workouts, but also for those who value elegance every day.

- Elegance saddle with True Rider logo, made of the best quality materials

- Matching straps stabilizing the saddle

- True Rider motto on a red background

- A saddle pad filled with a special sponge, which absorbs sweat and additionally provides excellent air circulation

- Bottom with dark undercoat - convenience and usability is the basis :)

And the most important.

100% Made in Poland.

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