True Rider Glossy Sweatshirt

62 €

Everyone needs a little spark and extravagance in their closet.

True Rider Glossy is the spring/summer irreplaceable item of your wardrobe.

Proof that the sporty sweatshirt can also be elegant and catch the jealous glances of other riders.

Lightweight, comfortable for both: stables and for day to day look (perfectly fits with jeans!) .

Regardless of where you are and what you're going to wear your passion for horse riding will be visible :)

Limited edition!

Thinner version your favorite zipped sweatshirt’s model - ideal for spring and summer weather.

Front and both arms decorated with shinning sequins - we checked the durability of the sequins during a whole year, we clothed them under jackets, vests, in various weather conditions, repeatedly washed - not even one sequin dropped!

Back of the blouse is without any additional decoration - so you can order your individual embroidery, such as the name of your horse, club or favourite quote

This time we have added a styptic fabric with a special material insert - thanks to it the sweatshirt is even better, does not roll up and gives feminine shapes.

Zipped pockets - in the end you need a place to fit all the goodies for your horse :)

This blouse is also available in a pistachio version with an additional pattern on the back.

80% cotton, 20% polyester.

100% made in Poland.

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