True Rider Leggings

62 €

When riding a horse, we love to feel comfortable and elegant. We also must admit you something ... We don’t like this feeling after a summer workout when we feel that the breeches are sticking to the body. Belt loops, belts, grippy everything is wonderful, but let's agree, not while such heat: P Therefore, in this holiday we have prepared a small alternative for you (also price: p) for riding breeches.

Dear ladies, here are our incredibly comfortable equestrian leggings - designed for everyday riding, they also work well during other stable activities. They are perfect for peaceful, relaxing trips to the wood. Our leggings are equipped with gel imprints thanks to which they provide excellent grip to the saddle.

- Comfortable, flexible material ensures comfort and breathability during hot days in the stable.

- The special structure of the material masks imperfections and does not show through.

- Wide rubber waist perfect hold on the body and it profiles - can hide figure flaws light by which a great look in them. It also has aesthetic qualities - it's enough to put a training shirt into your pants and reveal the subtle True Rider printing and add elegance to your outfit.

- A gel print that creates True Rider caption on each leg so you do not slip in the saddle.

- To add elegance, in the white leggings we added a delicate TR badge on the left thigh so that you can stand out in the competition.

- On the back of the eraser is a reflective True Rider sign. Subtle and yet visible even after dark;)

- Legs finished with a special, elastic belt so that you can easily put them on

- Practical, seamless pocket on the side of the left leg, which is perfect for phone, keys and horse-flavours - you can ride in a t-shirt without worrying about leaving your stuff somewhere

if you are wondering about your size please check the SIZING GUIDE.

Made of:

40% cotton

45% polyamide

15% elastane

Fabrics from Italy

Made in Poland

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