True Rider Show Shirt

47.90 €

Equestrian, especially horse show is not only polished boots, freshly washed horse and impeccable clothes. Behind the scenes, it looks a bit different. It is literally sweat and tears. 

We want our True Riders not only to look elegant and to stand out from the crowd but at the same time to fell  100% comfort. Therefore, our collection of „Lifestyle”  show shirts was created with special, technical materials that can manage every situation - even in the most stressful moments during the competition ;)

- 3 colours to choose from - everyone will find their perfect match 

- Flexible material through which shirt adapts to your body shape, but also gives you great comfort and freedom of movements while your ride. You do not have to fear that while jumping sleeves will pinch or rub your arm 

- For the production we used special Coolmax materials - the structure of the fabric was engineered to draw moisture away from the skin through capillary action and at the same time to increase evaporation over a wider surface area. Take a look at the video how it works!

- The combination of elegance and functionality - Coolmax Air Technology makes our shirt instantly dry without leaving wet spots under the armpits!

We used modern yarns – the material will not decompose under UV exposition and it won't emit an unpleasant smell

- White model was equipped with a small mesh under armpits – it provides even greater air circulation and automatically better comfort

- Show shirts were finished with a contrasting lining in various patterns - adds femininity and elegance

- Fastened with elegant, but firmly sewn buttons - with frequent wear you do not have to be afraid that you will lose your buttons

- On the left breast subtle TR trademark - which woman does not love delicate diamonds

The dimensions given are in cm. 

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