True Rider Team Vest KIDS

    Every True Rider likes to feel the wind and bristles during wild gallops;) However, so that the terrain does not end with a rolling back, we suggest accidents from the forest with our True Rider Team vests. Great also for walking the dog, and if you like to look attractive, just put on a white trousers vest at competitions. You can be sure that among the usually worn identity clothes you have to stand out;)

    - Quilted medium-thick vest (120 g / m2), filled with high-quality cotton wool with a warm flannel lining - thanks to this it is perfectly prepared at lower temperatures or in the summer for a t-shirt before you ride;) The special structure of the flannel fibers absorbs moisture and is pleasant to the touch (does not scratch!).

    - Glossy material with a flannel grille area - despite the modal material, the addition of the grille fits perfectly into the whole and creates a unique vest model on the horse market.

    - 3 different colors - note the purple vest has only a collar and top filled with flannel. The lining is material. A navy blue and gray vest has an entire flannel skirt.

    - The highest quality waterproof material obtained thanks to the calendering process - drops of water settle on the vest, so you do not have to worry that during the rain or washing the main mount, the vest gets wet. What's more, special material makes it easy to wash individual stains.

    - Zippered vest with logo and additional snaps with True Rider logo - we take care of every detail and we like to diversify our models.

    - High collar - applies to any weather! On warmer days, you can unbutton the vest and roll up the collar revealing a beautiful grille pattern, and on cold days the collar warms and protects against the wind

    - Pockets fastened with press studs - they are of sufficient size, according to change there treats for a new horse or phone. Do not be afraid, strong snaps will not let your precious treasures fall out with cover;)

    - Decorative embroidery on the chest with TR shield, embroidery on the back of the neck at the end of the True Rider and interesting embroidery on the True Rider Team - so that everyone who sees can see who you identify with;)

    - Easy to use - machine washable at 30C

    100% Made in Poland

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