True Rider Team Warm Vest

85 €

You can not deny that a vest is one of the most important elements of a riders’ wardrobe. In addition to its visual qualities it must be very functional and serve in a variety of circumstances - in training, competitions, stables and on the go;) Sometimes it is worn as a addition and sometimes it is a basic layer during cooler days. Thanks to its popularity in equestrian world it also distinguishes riders from other athletes. Therefore, while designing it we didn’t go to any compromises. The cut is specially designed for riders and all used materials are not accidental.

We want our True Rider to feel in our garments freely and confidently, to feel a touch of luxury at a price that will not give a headache ;)

- Matched cut made out of glossy material - one of the few vests, which despite its thickness does not make you look baggy

- Chest and back embellished with embroideries 

- Additional layer with press stud - decorative element that provides additional protection against wind

- Elegant profiled hood with embroidery of our horse from logo - are you annoyed by the hoods you usually wear that make you look weird  because they stand out? As we do not like such situations our hood is designed to fit perfectly on your head and elegantly lays on your waistcoat.

- Sewing quilts reinforced with double stiches - will not wipe out during frequent use and washing, and the vest will last for many seasons.

- Proper cut - it does not impede movement! You can freely ride in and out, and do all the stable activities

- The thickness of 250 gsm vest is filled with imitation of filling - in winter it perfectly fits our blouses with a teddy bear and it is enough to go in this kit to a stable without a jacket, in the spring it will be perfect for thinner blouses

- Zipped pockets - you will put in everything the most important- tidbits for horses and gloves;) 

100% polyester 

Insert: 100% cotton

Padding: 100% cotton

100% Made in Poland

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