True Rider Team Warm Vest MEN

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Finally, the True Rider offer also includes men's collections of our most popular models!

For all boys and men who like to stand out from the crowd, and at the same time appreciate the quality and comfort of worn equestrian clothing.

You can't deny that a vest is one of the most important elements of an equestrian's wardrobe. In addition to its visual qualities, it must also be very functional and serve in various circumstances - during training, competitions, stables and on the go;) Sometimes it is worn as an accessory, and sometimes it is the basic layer during colder days. It is also a piece of clothing that distinguishes riders from other athletes. That is why we did not compromise on its design. The cut is designed especially for riders, and all the materials used are not accidental here.

We want our True Rider to feel comfortable and confident in our clothing and feel a bit of luxury at a price that does not cause a headache;)

- A comfortable cut made of shiny material - one of the few vests that, despite its thickness, does not make you look like a sack in it!

- Quilted in wide horizontal stripes - refers to the current fashion of global brands 

- Embroidered True Rider logo on the chest on the back of the True Rider Team embroidery

- Zippered and an additional pleat with snaps - in addition to the decorative element, it provides additional protection against the wind

- An elegantly shaped hood with a horse embroidery with a logo - Are you annoyed by the hoods that  look weird when you put on? We don't like it either, that's why our hood has been designed to fit perfectly on and off the head 

- Quilting stitching reinforced with double seams - during frequent use and washing will not wipe, andyou will bea able to use the vest for many seasons

- Appropriate cut - don't restrict movement! You can easily get on and off in it, as well as perform all activities in the stable

- Vest is 250 gsm thick, filled with imitation of down - in winter they match and fit perfectly with our Winter Season Hoodies and this is enough to go in this set to the stable without a jacket. It will also fit great with lighter sweatshirts and hoodies in the spring

- Pockets, of course, with zippers - you will put everything that is most important in it: horse treats and gloves;)

- Zinc plated handle for locks with an engraved logo - the plus is also its length because if you need to quickly get inside the pockets while driving, you do not have to wrestle with the lock. The addition of zinc means that it does not scratch or damage underwater

Quilting: 100% Polyester

Filling: 100% Polyamide

100% Made in Poland

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