Warneyswhip Polo

40 €

Do you go out everyday to ride your horse with a sense of pride? Do you feel that you are on a journey, and that every small training success makes your day that much better? Do you strive to achieve harmony with your horse, and a partnership of mutual trust and respect? 

Together with your favourite columnist from Eurodressage – Sarah Warne, we joined forces to provide you with a lovely polo shirt that represents your training beliefs. Our clothing range is of the highest quality, and Sarah’s articles promote good riding and training, and together we urge riders with a similar philosophy to celebrate the idea of a happy horse, and to wear their Warneyswhip polo with pride! - Show everyone your lifestyle by wearing your favourite classical quotes which can be applied to all aspects of your life.

- The polos are made from the finest materials and are both comfortable and well designed, allowing you to ride well, and proudly 
support good training
- You can stand out from crowd and wear your favourite quotes which can refer to whole your life ;)
- Elegant gray or navy polo shirt with a decorative button and lovely ribbon, which add chic and luxury to it.
- Printing made with the heavy-duty screen printing technique – it will withstand every washing :D
- You purchase will also add a small benefit to a non-profit horse rescue charity – for each sold polo we will add 1 Euro to one of those charities: Horse rescue Australia, Iberian horse rescue or International animal rescue.

For pre-orders please choose a colour, size and a quote which you will like to order. You can get one polo for 40 Euros or two (e.g. one of each quote and colour) for the discount price of 70 Euros!

If you order two polos, in the check-out process please type Warneyswhip as a discount code 

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