Winter True Rider Leggings

66 €

When we are riding a horse, we love to feel comfortable and elegant. We must also admit something ... We don't like to suffer when we freeze during winter training. Thermo-breeches are a solution but they are quite stiff and for most riders, they are simply uncomfortable.

Dear ladies, here are our incredibly comfortable equestrian leggings - designed for everyday riding, they also work well during other stable activities. They are perfect for peaceful, relaxing training. Our leggings are made with special silicone patterns thanks to which they provide excellent grip to the saddle.

- Lined with delicate fleece, perfect during winter activities in the stable.

- Comfortable, flexible material ensures comfort during long, winter days in the stable.

- The special structure of the material masks imperfections and also provides flawless full coverage, in and out of the saddle.

- The wide waist belt perfectly fit the body and shapes it - can hide the little imperfections, makes you look great. It also has an aesthetic value - all you need is to put your training t-shirt in your pants and reveal the subtle True Rider print on the back, this will give the little extra detail to your outfit.

- Silicon knee TR pattern so you do not slide in the saddle.

- On the back a reflective True Rider print. Subtle and yet visible even after dark;)

-On the bottom finished with a special, elastic welt so that they can be put on comfortably

- Practical, seamless pocket on the side of the left leg, which is perfect for phone, keys and horse goodies


40% cotton

45% polyamide

15% elastane

Fabrics from Italy

Made in Poland

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