Winter Season Sweatshirt vol. 3

85 €

The third edition of Your favorite winter season sweatshirts. Winter Season vol 3 is a bow to those most determined, hard-hitting riders that will not stop even the harshest winter. Not everyone has so much self-denial and perseverance, so even in the winter do not forgive, so put our blouses with real pride and show everyone who is True Rider :)

To warm you up in the coldest days we have prepared a warm sweater with a high collar. Now for sure, you will not have excuses :)

Hood and body with a soft sherpa lining, which will warm you up at low temperatures.

High collar - you do not need a flying around and sometimes an uncomfortable scarf. We added a specially high collar that shields from the wind and replace the scarf

Folded pockets - now we do not part with them. In fact, they are just perfect for winter gloves.

Despite the thick layer of material, it still enhances your shape - it is tiled

Locks finished with lovely snowflakes - we could not resist them and we hope you will like them too

Flush print imitates the snow - does not wash off, and gives an unmatched effect, which in combination with embroidered stars creates an eye-catching application.

High quality, longer welts at the bottom of the sweatshirt and sleeves, you do not have to worry that after a few washings will be washed out or stretched.

- Comfortable to wear - can be washed in the washing machine at 30 C

Composition: 80% cotton 20% polyester

100% made in Poland

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